BAILEYS Sama Slodycz

Date: 13.05.2015 Category:
L2HGA - clear (by parents)
HC - clear (by parents)
Bite: undershot

My first staffie and love at first sight to this wonderful breed. He's little male coming from one of the first breeders in Poland, who offered blue pups; his father is titled stud dog imported from Great Britain.
Baileys is full of emotion quicksilver boy, at the walks active with no limits and very calm mascot at home. His temperament is great and he has a lot of entusiasm to every sport activity, but his favorite is tug of war and boomer ball playing. He loves swimming and no need to throw him a ball - sometimes he just goes to the river or sea and swim like a fish. Baileys is not friendly to most dogs he met - he likes only my Honey and few dog friends.
One thing in his character is not typical to this breed - he is the one master dog, and usually ignores the rest of the world. Despite this, he likes children and everyone can touch him with no problem. Baileys is very impulsive, but sensitive for children and puppies.
Health is not his best side - he has food allergy and atopia. He's struggling with joints and spain problems - after accident during play with Honey.
Baileys is not a stud dog, but he is honorary resident of my house, beloved pet and Prince of his little estate. His meaning in origin of Avia Cerasis kennel is great - he made me choose this one breed - staffordshire bull terrier; it's only his merit.