Puppies avaliable!

Data: 13.05.2017 Kategoria: News
10 May 2017 was born 8 red and brindle puppies from mating Ch. Hot King Staff HONEY WILD and Ch. Staffjoy's THE RED CRUSADER.
If you are interested in reservation, contact us.
More information in "Puppies" and on our Facebook page.
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Puppies expected

Data: 05.04.2017 Kategoria: News
In mid-May we expect puppies to be born from mating our brindle girl Pl.Ch., Cl.Win. Hot King Staff HONEY WILD and imported from Netherlands red male Pl.Ch. Staffjoy's THE RED CRUSADER.
More informations in category "Puppies".
We invite to contact.
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Planned litter!

Data: 06.07.2016 Kategoria: News
Planned mating - February 2017.
We invite to contact.
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National Bull Type Terrier Show (Bulliada CAC) – Czosnów 2015

Data: 13.09.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
As at every show of Polish Club TTB, judged a specialist in our breed - this time a British judge and breeder of SBT, John Ryder (kennel Kannechor).
We got excellent note and 2nd place in champion class.
Critique: "strong feminine head, nice round eye, correct ears, correct bite, tight lips, good neck and front, strong enough bones, good deep chest, nice ribs, straight topline, good waist, enough back angulation, good in movement".
It's our last show in this season, this winter we plane a litter :)
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15. Bull Type Terrier Club Show ’15 (Alec Waters Memorial) – Czosnów 2015

Data: 12.07.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
This year we were judging by british judge Mr Jamie Mace - expert and breeder of staffordshire bull terriers - Janastaff kennel.
Honey got excellent note and 3rd place in champion class. Great joy for us - 3rd place in the competition 8 bitches, all already with champion title, is a big success, especially when judging breed specialist.
Critique: "good type and height, good head, good correct bite, good dark round eye, correct ear, good front and bones, good filled body, good back angulation, good topline, correct movement".
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International Dog Show (Cruft’s ’16 qualification) – Warszawa 2015

Data: 11.07.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
Today we were judging in champion class by Romanian judge Cristian Stefanescu. Unfortunately, Honey present monkey business like in junior class - she had a really good time in the ring :)
Our female got excellent note and 4th place.
Critique: "improve presentation in movement, light bones, typical temperament, medium wide chest, good musculature of body".
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31. Spring Dog Show (CAC) – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 2015

Data: 12.04.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
Our first show in champion class - polish judge Andrzej Jendrasiak, one of the first breeders of staffie in Poland, owner of Sirius kennel.
Honey got excellent note, 1st place and CAC.
Critique: "good type, feminine, nice feminine head, excellent stop, nice distance between eyes, proportional bones, enough angulation, nice movement".
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Honey is officially Champion of Poland

Data: 15.03.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
Today we received from the Polish Kennel Club consignment with a diploma of national championship - the official confirmation of obtaining this title by our bitch.
Honey received a total of 6 CAC, rather than the required 3 - beacouse between the first and last CAC must take 6 months to championship to be considered.
CAC granted her an international show in Lodz, the club show "Alec Waters Memorial" in Zakroczym and national shows - in Dobre Miasto, Plock, Brodnica and in Zakroczym, "Bulliada" special show for bull type terriers. We have two "big" CAC (to championship is required one) - received on international or club show.
Half of all CAC Honey received from the judges who are experts and breeders of staffordshire bull terrier - such distinctions particularly enjoy and for us worth far more than a good note from the judge, for who our breed is just one of the standards that must be learned.
From next show we will "run" in the champion class :)
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1. Carnival Dog Show (CAC) – Brodnica 2014

Data: 18.01.2015 Kategoria: dog shows
We are starting a show season 2015 with great news - our Honey is new Champion of Poland :)
In open class judging by Serbian judge Dusan Paunovic (chihuahua - Microschihuas kennel) Honey got excellent note, 1st place and CAC ending our national championship.
Critique: "elegant 3 years old bitch, elegant feminine head with good expression, good neck, good enough chest, compact body, bones could be better, topline could be better, parallel back legs, good temperament".
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19-nowy dwor

30. Winter Dog Show (CAC) – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 2014

Data: 30.11.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
It's our last show in 2014 season. Judge - Andrzej Kaźmierski (Poland), open class.
Honey got excellent note and 3rd place on 5 females.
Critique: "female with rectangular profile, feminine head proportional to the body, a little sprung rump, good movement."
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