52. Kujavia-Pomerania National Dog Show (CAC) – Bydgoszcz 2014

Data: 23.11.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
Today we were judging in open class by the president of Polish Kennel Club - Mr Jan Gajewski.
Honey got excellent note and 1st place.
Critique: "strong enough bones, good proportions, nice expression, good head proportions, medium filled chest and front, stable front and back, good in movement".
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8. International Dog Show (CACIB) – Kielce 2014

Data: 09.11.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
Today we were judging by severe judge from Croatia - Nikola Smolic, dachshund and lhasa apso breeder (Dilemma kennel).
As many other dogs, Honey got very good note.
Critique: "correct size and shape, nice feminine head, correct front, topline could be better, especially in movement, too sloping rump, back angulation should be better".
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29. Terrier Club Show – Kielce 2014

Data: 08.11.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
Honey was in open class, judging by Helen Tonkson-Koit from Estonia, staffordshire bull terrier and miniature bullterrier breeder (Mooncraft kennel).
We got excellent note and 4th place in a significant rate of 8 females.
Critique: "excellent type, good head and expression, strong enough bones, good body construction, in static a little sloping rump, good angulation, typical movement, good condition, good temperament".
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14. Bull Type Terrier Club Show ’14 (Alec Waters Memorial) – Zakroczym 2014

Data: 14.09.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
We're over the moon! Honey became CLUB WINNER 2014 - Best Adult Female in Bull Type Terrier Club in Poland!
We were judging by Cornelia Bergundthal from Croatia, owner of But's Charming Ruffians SBT kennel. We won in open class, got excellent note, 1st place and CAC, and then Honey won the competition with beautiful winner females from intermediate and champion classes. We have title Best Adult Female - Club Winner 2014 in our sex. Club Winner male became ARCHIDAMOS Show My Dogs, showing by Enamorada kennel.
Critique: "Feminine look and head, great ear and eye, good muzzle, good cheeks, wide chest, excellent condition, excellent topline, moving good, with energy."
We got nominations for Best Head and Best Movement :)
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National Bull Type Terrier Show (Bulliada CAC) – Zakroczym 2014

Data: 13.07.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
This show gonna be one of our favourites in our memories :)
Honey was judging in open class (5 females rate) by specialist judge Kevin Jones from Great Britain (Maxsta kennel) - and she won! Judge gave her excellent note, 1st place and CAC.
Critique: "Nice lovely female, very good head with good distance between the eyes, clear front and compact paws, good bottom line with good waist, good construction of hinderquartes, excellent condition of coat."
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National Terrier Show (CAC) – Kraków 2014

Data: 15.06.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
This day we had a better weather :).
Honey got excellent note and 2nd place in open class - judge Magdalena Kozłowska (Poland).
"Harmonious construction, strong enough, very good condition, very nice feminine head, correct neck, very good chest and topline, strong hindquarters, correct tail, nice dynamic movement."
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18. International Dog Show (CACIB) – Kraków 2014

Data: 15.06.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
What a variable weather - sun, wind, storm, sun again and a heavy rain just before our exhibition.
Open class, judge Anne Klaas (Estonia) - Honey got excellent note and 2nd place.
Critique: "in good type, nice feminine head, light type, well set neck, strong spine, good proportions of chest, well muscled hindquarters, good temperament, fast movement, little unstable action of forelegs".
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Avia Cerasis – FCI registration

Data: 12.06.2014 Kategoria: News
We are happy to announce that our kennel was approved by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) - so we are also members of Polish Kennel Club, the oldest and most prestigious Polish association of breeders of pedigree dogs, existing continuously since 1948 and since 1957 a member of the FCI.
Also belong to the Bull Type Terrier Club in Poland, operating under the wings of Polish Kennel Club and involved in the organization and promotion of breeding american staffordshire terriers, bull terriers and staffordshire bull terriers.
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36. Mazovia Dog Show (CAC) – Gostynin 2014

Data: 25.05.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
Honey in open class got excellent note, and beating two rivals gained first place and her third CAC.
But that's not the end - she won the comparison with the winner females of the intermediate and champion classes, and received the title of Best Adult Female. She stood in comparison for Best of Breed, but this had to give way to the beautiful male from the champion class and she obtained title Best Opposite Sex - BOS.
We are extremely proud of our girl!
Critique - Andrzej Jendrasiak (Poland, Sirius kennel): "proportional, with a pretty feminine head, nice topline, proportional bones, good movement."
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22. International Dog Show (CACIB) – Łódź 2014

Data: 10.05.2014 Kategoria: dog shows
Open class, judge Catherine Lebret (Bulgaria) - Honey won today in a significant rate of 6 females!
She got excellent note, 1st place and the second CAC for the national champion title. We are very happy!
"Beautiful body proportions, correct front, excellent eye color, perfect musculature, good movement."
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