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Baileys is 4 months old

Data: 30.01.2010 Kategoria: News
Our staffie Baileys is four months old now. He shows a true stafford temperament - it's not the same calm puppy like 2 months ago, but the tireless little scump.
Unfortunately during his teeth changing, it became to an incorrect bite - undershot, and disqualifies him in show and breeding. Baileys will be our pet dog.
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01-2 miesiące

The first stafford

Data: 18.11.2009 Kategoria: News
Yesterday the first staffordshire bull terrier arrived to our home. He's from polish kennel Sama Slodycz, 9 weeks old. His parents are imported from Great Britain blue champion Fransimo Blue Dream and black brindle bitch Black Pearl De Presa Avangarda.
Our blue puppy is very calm boy; the most polite from all 7 of his siblings. He takes a journey very brave and after arriving, barked our 10 years old bitch, german shepherd type. He spend a first night near my bed, without crying. He has a good apetite and we hope he gonna grow up for a great stafford.
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